Sproutlings in our play-yard garden
Sproutlings in our play-yard garden

August 2016

Dear Lively Parents,

We’ve been invited to an Ice Cream Social! The Highland United Methodist Church Council is hosting an Ice Cream Social for all of us who share space in this lovely old building, on August 31, at 7:00pm.
August is a big transition month for us this year. Many of the older Zinnea group children are moving on to “big-school,”  as one child said.  At the same time,  we are welcoming many new children in the coming weeks.
Our Board meets next week to set a date for the opening of the One-year old Room. Ms.Jennifer Sims joins us as the Lead Caregiver for this new one-year old group. Our Board is also considering a 7:30 am opening time. I’ll keep you posted.
As always, please keep extra clothes and socks in your child’s basket/tub for changes during the day from the many ways we get covered in mud, water and sand throughout the day.
Happy late Summer days!

July 2016

Dear Lively Parents,

Happy Summer Days! It’s a sweltering 91 degrees with a feels like 100! We will stay cool inside for most of the afternoon unless we venture out to eat a popsicle for a few minutes on days like today.
This is our last full month with so many of our older friends. We will enjoy these days together with many summer activities.Please see our activities listed on the door to our room.
There are many July birthdays! Evie is five this month, Celia is One, Koen was two, Theo will be two, Elena will be three, and Finley will be four! Happy birthday all!
When we do go outside we are soo thrilled to have a squirrel watching over us!! Many thanks to Boone and Reis’s dad for the wonderful sculpture. In the Fall we may add some  steps and a slide, we’ll see … And a new pile of woodchips was delivered from Limbwalkers Tree Service. This is a free donation so please call on them if you need an arborist.
It is soo good for the adults around the children to be involved in real work. we will bring the mulch over each day and let the children help spread it around the yard. If you would like to help, the wheelbarrow and shovel are always near by!
Happy Summer Days!

June 2016

Dear Lively Parents,

 I cant wait to see the children enjoying our squirrel sculpture! Mike, father of Boone and Reis is the artist!   and Boone was his helper this Saturday as they almost completed the squirrel! I know it will be well loved!
     We have one birthday this month..Mira turns 4 years old! Happy Birthday Mira!!!! And two babies joined us; Walter’s brother, George and Nora. Welcome Nora and  Welcome George!
     We are switching to a different sunscreen for the children, and adding a bug deterrent as well. I will leave a new waiver by the sign-in clip-board for you to sign if you want us to use on your child.
     Thank you for continuing to dress children in tennis shoes and socks/ no sandals for protection of our little feet. With the weather turning to hot days we will only stay outside for 10-15 minutes if the temperature is over 90. And I will be checking the air quality for a  ” good”  rating also.
     Thanks to all the parents who joined us for our discussion of the importance of play and how it leads to academic learning. Japa Buckner, guest speaker that day, has just joined the Center as an Administrative Assistant and Mentor. He has been on our Board since we began almost five years ago. Japa just graduated his second eigth grade class from the Waldorf School of Louisville and is mentoring teachers at WSL too. Welcome Japa!
     With Japa joining us we are looking at some re-organizing measures. We may be adding a One-year old (Toddler) group to make a fourth group  of children. I will keep you posted.
     And it is with grateful hearts that we say good bye to Sara von Roenn this Friday. Please sign cards we’ll leave by the sign-in table too.
     Stay cool,

April 2016

Spring is here and ever changing with wind and rain one hour, sunshine and warmth the next. We will try to go outside with your children in most of it except a thunder storm, or below freezing temperatures. Please bring lots of extra clothing because puddle-jumping is a must!

The whole Staff and I thank you for the new tables, equipment and curtains for our rooms from the fundraiser! It’s been fun opening boxes and putting new tables and chairs together with the children, much like you would at home. Our “Home away from Home”  functions better than ever thanks to you!

We are planning an Open House, in late May, for our families and possible new families to share about our LifeWays developmental approach to your child’s care. Either to re-new your understanding or to ask important questions…. Japa Buckner, Eigth grade Teacher at the Waldorf School of Louisville, who is also one of our Board members and I will share about this Waldorf/LifeWays approach to early childhood care. (date TBA soon)


Was it the organic snacks we offer, the time we spend outside in nature almost everyday, our daily walks or the home-like feeling that drew you to Lively Children? Drop me a note sometime in the next month to let me know why you choose Lively Children. 


Happy Spring!

Jan & Feb 2016

Happy February! Winter weather returns this week after a tease of Spring-like temperatures last. We will enjoy more beautiful snow if it comes down on Monday night!  Please send your child with extra clothing each day, extra socks, clothing to change into, mittens, a hat, warm coat…because we cannot resist a walk in the snow!
Many parents are searching for clothing items at the end of the day. Please put your child’s name on all …we have at least five blue hoodies confused by the end of the day!
Inside the Center we’ll celebrate this Winter and Valentine season with lots of heart art and white snowy stories. With the Zinnea group, we will hear a Polar Bear story and  paint various items from nature to create  a winter scene to use in the story. Pink dough will become heart ornaments for a winter tree and so on….more fun! Valentine’s are optional …make a simple heart for each friend in your child’s group…but no cartoon characters please.
We will also celebrate four February birthdays! Wyatt and Kellen turn three this week, Anson will be five next week and Bella will be three later this month! Happy Birthday all !

Take a peek into our new space! We hope  the Licensing surveyor will visit this week to approve the space for our oldest children! And a reminder to participate in the annual fundraiser!

Warmth to you and yours!

Nov & Dec 2014

Dear Parents, We have been busy at the center as I’m sure you are this time of year. Many cold and rainy days have been bringing out the creativity for inside activities. In November we welcomed “Squirrel Nutkin” back to our kitchen window with seeds and nuts…and created many squirrel pictures, houses and songs to sing.

 Now with December we are leaving the harvest theme to sing about snow in the winter garden and  animals getting warm in the barn! Please continue to bring warm coats, hats and mittens. We will always try to venture outside for a walk if the temperature is above freezing.
There are lots of birthdays to report…in November, Boone was two, Emma was three, and Luca was four!  In December Reagan will be one,Charlotte will be two, Henry, Lydia and Walter will be three! Happy Birthday all!!

This week I’m handing you our first  annual fundraising letter. Please contact me with questions or if there is a grandparent/special relative or friend who may also wish to receive a fundraising letter.

We have a new  sign on the door! It is our new logo, also thanks to Heather! A larger sign for the fence is coming this week!
I’m meeting with parents individually in the next couple of weeks, whose children will be turning four in the new year. We are looking at the possibility of four-year-old children continuing through their four year old year. After meeting with all the families, the Board will make some decisions and I will keep you posted!
Blessings on your family’s holiday season!
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