A Day at Lively

happy little child, baby girl laughing and playing in autumn

Inside work and play is both for adults and children. the adults are caring for the children and also caring for the daily rhythm of cooking, crafting, washing, folding laundry- while toddlers are coming and going from adult activities. imitation of productive adult activities is seen in the children’s play and frees them to so their “work” which is their “play”

Sample schedule for children 21months to 3 years old

7:30am-10am  Arrivals, Inside work and play

9am  Clean up- Bathroom

9:20am  Ringtime

9:30am  Morning Snack (made in the center by the children and staff)

10am  Clean up, ready for outside

10:30-11:30am  Outside morning walk (weather permitting)

11:30am  Bathroom

11:50am Storytime

12-1pm Lunch time

1pm Naptime

3pm  Bathroom

3-4pm Bathroom and afternoon snack

4pm  Afternoon walk or inside or outside work and play (weather permitting)

5pm Bathroom

5-6pm Departures, inside work and play

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